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Enough is enough; it’s time to provide female athletes with the kit they deserve

It’s incredible to think how much advances in technology have influenced sport in recent years. Video referees, sport and exercise science, HawkEye, undersoil heating, pay-per-view, electric engines – all of these and more have changed how we view nearly every event. Compare most to… Continue Reading “Enough is enough; it’s time to provide female athletes with the kit they deserve”

#22) #SeeSportyBeSporty

It’s no secret that media coverage of women’s sport is far inferior to men. The stats are damning; research by Women in Sport in 2015 found that just 7% of all sport media coverage in the UK focused women, with the figure as low… Continue Reading “#22) #SeeSportyBeSporty”

#20) Invictus Games/Debbie O’Connell

The power of sport never ceases to amaze. It seems as though it can be used to help with any problem if you want it to, from helping to overcome mental illness to driving for society-wide gender equality. And, as the Invictus Games have… Continue Reading “#20) Invictus Games/Debbie O’Connell”

#14) Tamara Taylor

What is it that defines an athlete as a ‘legend’? Some base it on the number of trophies, accolades and records a sportsperson collects over their career, others on the length of time an individual represents their country at the elite level for. Furthermore… Continue Reading “#14) Tamara Taylor”

#6 Inner Warrior

Sport as we know it may have only existed for less than 200 years but already it has deep rooted perceptions that can be difficult to alter. Some are positive but equally plenty are negative, arguably the most prevalent of which is that women… Continue Reading “#6 Inner Warrior”

Being young, fit and healthy isn’t necessarily a good thing

Obesity is certainly a buzz word in today’s society. It’s impossible to avoid the countless  reports about how both how “fat” this country is becoming. Not only that, there is also the  constant spoon-feeding of stories about how “lazy” Britain is becoming too. The statistics don’t… Continue Reading “Being young, fit and healthy isn’t necessarily a good thing”

Injuries – they are trying to tell you something!

It’s something that any person who plays sport is guilty of; playing through the pain is the done thing. If you don’t, you’re seen as weak. Your team suffers, team-mates and fans hold it against you and, more often than not, you hate yourself… Continue Reading “Injuries – they are trying to tell you something!”

Wrong man, wrong job

He won the Champions League in his first season as manager of a new club, an FA Cup… a Community Shield and the European Super Cup and now it has been decided that former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is the man to guide Chelsea… Continue Reading “Wrong man, wrong job”

You should be dancing – it may just save your life

It’s the age-old question – is dance a sport? Having recently been a part of the backstage crew for my school’s dance production I think I have the answer… According to the dictionary a sport is ‘an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess… Continue Reading “You should be dancing – it may just save your life”

The ultimate farce

The unforgettable 2012 Olympics have given our nation an amazing legacy and also seem to have cured the problem (at least short-term) of a lack of youngesters participating in sport. The Games, however, have created a big dilemma – what on earth is going… Continue Reading “The ultimate farce”