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#12) Caitlin Beevers

Picture Credit: Caitlin Beevers (@CaitlinBeevers1) For most of us, creating history is something we can only ever dream of. But for Caitlin Beevers this is becoming something of a regularity as she did that twice last month – while still at school! As well… Continue Reading “#12) Caitlin Beevers”

Injuries – they are trying to tell you something!

It’s something that any person who plays sport is guilty of; playing through the pain is the done thing. If you don’t, you’re seen as weak. Your team suffers, team-mates and fans hold it against you and, more often than not, you hate yourself… Continue Reading “Injuries – they are trying to tell you something!”

2013 – my review of a wonderful year of sport

Whilst 2012 was dominated by the Olympic Games, British sport didn’t enjoy much success outside of those few weeks of madness in late summer and early autumn. 2013, however, provided us with many more reasons to celebrate. The year included long-awaited victories, new records,… Continue Reading “2013 – my review of a wonderful year of sport”