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Find those Raes of sunshine to help you through tough times

Coronavirus has altered our lives beyond recognition. Almost overnight we changed from being a socially mobile nation, one where millions of people travelled many miles and saw multitudes of people over the course of a single day, to one confined to our homes. For… Continue Reading “Find those Raes of sunshine to help you through tough times”

#45) Elise Christie

Photo credit: Martin Holtom It’s difficult finding a genuine reason to dislike Elise Christie. Her quirky personality, motivational Instagram posts and relative humbleness despite her immense talent all serve to make the short track speed skater highly endearing. She is a journalist’s dream too,… Continue Reading “#45) Elise Christie”

#44) Remi Allen

Remi Allen is a fighter. Possessing a never-say-die attitude combined with plenty of natural ability, the Reading midfielder is someone you’d always want playing for your team rather than against. No better was this proved than in the recent FA quarter-final win over Manchester… Continue Reading “#44) Remi Allen”

#37) Laura Gallagher

Photo credit: Mike Driscoll “I just felt like a failure. I thought I’d failed at what I’d been trying to do and not only had I not achieved what I wanted, I just didn’t feel able to do anything.” Being a professional athlete is… Continue Reading “#37) Laura Gallagher”

#18) Lizzie Carr

Photo credit: Joel Caldwell As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. No-one understands this better than Lizzie Carr – or Lizzie Outside as many know her – who was diagnosed with cancer aged just 26. “It completely blindsided me to be… Continue Reading “#18) Lizzie Carr”

#10) Kate Cross and Sarah Taylor

“I didn’t really know what my purpose was when I was getting out of bed.” “I didn’t see any purpose in my life anymore, I’d stopped playing cricket and actually once I stopped playing cricket, life got worse. ” These are the words of… Continue Reading “#10) Kate Cross and Sarah Taylor”

Why Movember Is So Important To Me

And there we have it, the beloved beard has been sheared off once again. The temptation to leave it as a whopping great ‘Walrus’ ‘tache – à la Merv Hughes circa 1993 Ashes – was very high but that would be cheating. Every year… Continue Reading “Why Movember Is So Important To Me”