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Find those Raes of sunshine to help you through tough times

Coronavirus has altered our lives beyond recognition. Almost overnight we changed from being a socially mobile nation, one where millions of people travelled many miles and saw multitudes of people over the course of a single day, to one confined to our homes. For… Continue Reading “Find those Raes of sunshine to help you through tough times”

Georgina Roberts: Cancer and transforming a ‘neglected’ sport

Photo credit: Georgina Roberts Georgina Roberts talks to Alasdair Hooper about a difficult 2019 for her and her family, learning to accept who she is and why she wants to ensure shooting becomes more accepted as a sport. I am Georgina Roberts; I shoot Olympic… Continue Reading “Georgina Roberts: Cancer and transforming a ‘neglected’ sport”

#21) Alex Paske

Photo credit: Alex Paske “It’s so important to be passionate about what you do. That’s what we tell every child we work with, whether that’s in sport or otherwise.” These are the words of Alex Paske, the founder of the Mintridge Foundation and winner… Continue Reading “#21) Alex Paske”