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Women’s cricket buoyant through coronavirus storm

With England’s women set to take on West Indies in their first matches of the summer starting today, Ollie Godden reflects on how the game has found solace after a difficult few months. It was supposed to be the start of an era; £20million… Continue Reading “Women’s cricket buoyant through coronavirus storm”

Former England international MacLeod hoping to inspire new generation

Ollie Godden spoke to former England cricketer Laura MacLeod about her new role as Director of West Midlands Cricket Limited & how she hopes to inspire more girls and women than ever before to pick up a bat or a ball. Stories of early… Continue Reading “Former England international MacLeod hoping to inspire new generation”

Keightley the key to unlock England’s talent & catch up with Australia

Following her appointment in October, Ollie Godden looks at the reasons why Lisa Keightley could help England’s female cricketers catch up with Australia. If you can’t beat them, hire them. It’s becoming something of a trend for English teams to employ Australian coaches in… Continue Reading “Keightley the key to unlock England’s talent & catch up with Australia”

Why The Hundred should be a force for good for English women’s cricket

After a disappointing 2019 and the conclusion of the Kia Super League (KSL), Ollie Godden explains how he thinks The Hundred could revolutionise English women’s cricket. The Kia Super League was the jump start English women’s cricket needed. Having played a significant part in… Continue Reading “Why The Hundred should be a force for good for English women’s cricket”

Australia’s women were a class above England in 2019 Ashes, but why?

Well that wasn’t the summer of cricket we were expecting. To many it was no surprise to see Australia’s women retain the Ashes for a third consecutive series. But the emphatic way in which they did so was a shock. And a worrying one… Continue Reading “Australia’s women were a class above England in 2019 Ashes, but why?”

#2) #ShowUp

There’s no doubt about it: the noise surrounding women’s sport is the loudest it’s ever been. The column inches, coverage hours, viewing spectators and heroes created have all soared exponentially compared to what they were ten years ago. It’s still embryonic in comparison to… Continue Reading “#2) #ShowUp”

A recipe for success?

It’s been quite a week; a royal birth, the 70th anniversary of VE Day and even some sunshine have all befallen us since the beginning of the month. There was something else too but I can’t quite remember what… Anyway, in all the excitement… Continue Reading “A recipe for success?”


I must confess that, over the years, I have fallen out of love with snooker. When I was younger I absolutely loved watching it, especially the Masters – according to my Dad, when I was a baby I was fixated with the colour green… Continue Reading “Genius”

Just shut up and let the cricket do the talking!

On the eve of the second Ashes Test, it seems as though England are desperate to take the attention away from their shocking performance at Brisbane by having a little whinge about a few words the Aussies said to them. Sledging (or ‘mental disintegration’… Continue Reading “Just shut up and let the cricket do the talking!”

He Just Needed a Break…

Aaron Ramsey’s return to form this season has been remarkable. Once reckoned as, arguably, one of the next greats of the footballing world, it is no coincidence that since his horrific leg break against Stoke City in 2010 he has never lived up to… Continue Reading “He Just Needed a Break…”