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What is ‘greatness’?

‘Legend’ and ‘hero’ – just two of the numerous powerful descriptors that can be used to label athletes who have achieved great things, often overcoming adversity along the way and doing something most would think improbable. Such phrases should be reserved for those who… Continue Reading “What is ‘greatness’?”

Still Living in the Dark Ages

Jonny Wilkinson is a rugby legend. Everyone agrees – those old enough to remember his heroics, those who can’t and even our great enemy from whom he ‘stole’ the 2003 World Cup. There is one person who doesn’t hold this view though – the… Continue Reading “Still Living in the Dark Ages”

What makes the good ‘great’?

Wayne Rooney – England’s captain, the fourth highest goalscorer for his country and about to become only the ninth Englishman to reach a century of caps. Statistically, it can be said that Rooney is one of the finest footballers this nation has produced; he… Continue Reading “What makes the good ‘great’?”

Just shut up and let the cricket do the talking!

On the eve of the second Ashes Test, it seems as though England are desperate to take the attention away from their shocking performance at Brisbane by having a little whinge about a few words the Aussies said to them. Sledging (or ‘mental disintegration’… Continue Reading “Just shut up and let the cricket do the talking!”

The Greatest Battle

It was once a taboo subject and to be associated with it was a fate almost worse than death – those affected were treated differently to everyone else, stigmatised, humiliated and traumatised just because no-one could physically see what was wrong with them. Even… Continue Reading “The Greatest Battle”

Time to Wake Up and Accept the Obvious

So, anybody else been following the Women’s Cricket World Cup recently? How about the female version of the Six Nations? And did any of you follow England’s netball stars during their series whitewash of world number 1s Australia last month? I’m guessing for the… Continue Reading “Time to Wake Up and Accept the Obvious”