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Katherine Legge & Christina Nielsen: The two women silently leading a motorsport revolution

Photo credit: Brian Cleary, Brian Cleary/BCPix.com While gender equality has grown exponentially across many sports in recent years, motorsport has often been criticised for failing to follow suit. And when it did try to address the issue with the creation of the W Series,… Continue Reading “Katherine Legge & Christina Nielsen: The two women silently leading a motorsport revolution”


Women’s sport is in the best position it’s ever been. More people are watching, playing, reading, writing and talking about it than any other time in recent memory. Three major outlets – BBC, The Telegraph and GiveMeSport – now all have dedicated campaigns to… Continue Reading “WRITING OPPORTUNITY: Join The 52”

#27) Emily Glanvill

‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’ An oft-used quote from children’s author Thomas Seuss Geisel – or Dr. Seuss as he is more famously known – this is a statement relevant to as many people as it isn’t. One individual… Continue Reading “#27) Emily Glanvill”