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My Top 10 Sporting Moments – 2016

It’s that time of year again for me to churn out my incredibly well informed, not-at-all-biased (please note the sarcasm here, my ego isn’t yet that big) top ten list of sporting moments that occurred during 2016. It was really hard to choose just… Continue Reading “My Top 10 Sporting Moments – 2016”

How not to run a sport

It’s here, it’s back; the Olympic Games are upon us! It’s scarcely believable that it’s already been four years since London 2012, the memories are that strong. A lot has happened in that period of… Source: How not to run a sport

Something needs to be done, NOW

After receiving four huge blows to his head recently, the decision to rest Welsh rugby star George North for a month seems like a good one, especially with the increasing worries surrounding concussion in contact sports. Whilst I am all in agreement that he should… Continue Reading “Something needs to be done, NOW”

Heroics cover over the cracks

After England’s rugby union side almost pulled off a sensational result against France last Sunday, many fans were left feeling extremely positive about their chances at the upcoming World Cup. However, they didn’t do quite enough and finished runners-up for the fourth successive Six… Continue Reading “Heroics cover over the cracks”

Once a cheat, always a cheat

I don’t have much in common with tennis ace Andy Murray. He’s an international sporting superstar; I’m not. He has a gorgeous fiancée; I don’t. He is worth millions of pounds; I’m already in debt. However one thing that we do share, aside perhaps… Continue Reading “Once a cheat, always a cheat”

Vote For the Future

How many of you can name the golfer in the above picture off the top of your head? If as many of 5 of you can then I’ll be extremely impressed. That is Michelle Wie, arguably the most famous female golfer in the world… Continue Reading “Vote For the Future”

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An exhilarating and pulsating opening weekend to the 2013 RBS 6 Nations has proved one thing – so-called expert pundits don’t actually know what they’re talking about! England outplayed Scotland, who were flattened by the final score line after…

So, here we go then…

My first post then – it’s much more daunting than it seems! I am here to offer a light-hearted and witty insight into some sporting issues that people take way too seriously. However, although I like to think I am, many people I know… Continue Reading “So, here we go then…”