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Confident Cougars ready to shine at Nottingham

Kingston University’s cheerleading captain is confident her squad can build on solid performances from their first competition of the season and reach even greater heights this weekend. The squad – known as the Kingston Cougars – came away satisfied from last month’s Future Cheer University Nationals,… Continue Reading “Confident Cougars ready to shine at Nottingham”

Why I’m proud to call myself a ‘Diva’

I thought I’d switch things up a bit this week. Normally I like to write from a third person perspective, offering one viewpoint on whatever takes my fancy in the sporting world. Look through some of my recent stuff and count how many times… Continue Reading “Why I’m proud to call myself a ‘Diva’”

Why the old ‘Give me a C…’ is a load of nonsense

When you think of cheerleading (I know most of you don’t but just pretend you do) I’m sure that a large majority of the population will imagine scandily-clad women, pom poms and silly chants. It doesn’t seem like a real sport does it? This… Continue Reading “Why the old ‘Give me a C…’ is a load of nonsense”